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20 years and frozen

  • On the day, 20 years after we went live, we are now offering BFTracks as a frozen version. All the data is still here, but no new tracking will happen and no stats will be updated.

    That's all folks, Thanks!
    /drgr and lanze


A New Home!


New master server!

  • Switched to an alternative master server due to GSP shutdown.
    -> HOWTO 


Battlefield 1942 for free!


No more monthly stats moves!

  • Since August 2010 we've stopped rolling over stats per month. The player stats page is cumulative stats as of 2010-08-01.


Organized Strategic Teamplay

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Welcome to BF Tracks. Our goal is to give your online gaming some continuity by monitoring all public Battlefield 1942 servers and to produce both real time and historical player statistics. Please let us know what you think!

Track Date 2023-03-31 21:30 GMT
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Tracked Soldiers 5 429 088
Scanner Started 12th of February 2003
Maint. Fund € 910
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News Archive


New Server!

  • We've now finished the move to a new server. Hopefully everything is working ok, if not, mail us!
  • Also, Novembers stats for 55.004 players were converted into veteran bonus.

2009-02-01 - New bringers of enlightenment


Issues with server updates!


Yahoo! Masterservers back online!


Issues with server updates!

  • As of July 12th server updates from our master servers are a bit erratic. We're working on the issue and our hope is to have a solution to the problems the next few days!


All servers tracked by the main site!


BF1942 v1.61 required for tracking!

  • Ask the admin of your favorite server to update to the latest patch. They should've done so ages ago anyway... :-)


Mod separation has arrived!

  • The long awaited functionality where you can compare your stats against other players by mod is finally here.
    You can now browse ranking lists or look at the player details for your favourite mod.


Match Map Pack Relased!


DCF Finally released!!

  • DC Final is released and was tracked from day one. Stats for DCF are tagged as "Desert Combat Final" in the mod breakdown.


Stats as plunder!

  • Arrr!! More plunder for the buccaneers, Pirates mod is now tracked by BF Tracks!


New month, new stats!

  • During the day your stats for July were converted into veteran bonus.


Modern combat, Nordic style!

  • The Swedish BF1942 modification Silent Heroes was released a few weeks ago and the mod is naturally tracked by BF Tracks.
  • The emphasis for SH is modern, realistic weapons and equipment from the Norwegian (NATO member) and Swedish armies.


Monthly stats purge delayed to July 2nd

  • For practical reasons we've moved the monthly purge to Friday July 2nd.


Petition for further development of BF1942

  • SoFragged is running a petiton to encourage DICE/EA to continue maintenance and development of Battlefield 1942.
    Go sign the petition! >>>


Meta stats for tracked mods

  • A new page that will present all sorts of metadata for our tracker has now been added. The first function is information about tracked mods and players.
    Check it out >>>


BF info

  • was closed down last week and traffic is redirected to BF Tracks - North America.
  • The popular forums have moved and are now hosted by Clan HPSF at
  • will return in some form in about six months.


New month, new stats!

  • During the day your stats for April were converted into veteran bonus.


BF Tracks - Vietnam website goes live!


Database syncing

  • Tracking is in fact up, but we are doing database maintenance. All collected stats from tonight will be online again this afternoon. (case closed)


Battlefield: Vietnam tracked!

  • BF:V is now tracked and a dedicated BF Tracks - Vietnam website will be launched next week!


New month, new stats, new tracker and new hardware!

  • Yesterday your stats for February were converted into veteran bonus.
  • Faster and more efficient tracker installed.
  • Server upgrade.


    Updates for
    Historical Stats
  • Yes, we know they are wrong for last month. :-) We are releasing a new routine for the history pages tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion. (Fixed 2004-03-05)


Map and Server stats

  • Searches for statistics on specific Map and Server are disabled until server upgrade next week.


Tracking problems solved?

  • This weeks intermittent tracking glitches are now hopefully solved. Thank you for your patience! :-)


Duplicated Player ID merged

  • We have now performed an automatic merge of duplicated Player ID's. The original Player ID should again be the active one.


Duplicated Player ID merges

  • Automatic merge of duplicated Player ID's will be made Monday morning. The original Player ID will again be the active one.


New month, new stats!

  • During the morning your stats for January were converted into veteran bonus.


Version 1.6 tracking enabled!!


Improved Live view

  • The server live view is now showing Current Medal Status and is automatically reloaded every 60 seconds.


Correct search results

  • Problem solved! Ranking results in the search view now match those in the detailed view. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Small ranking formula change and finally, mod statistics!

  • Points for Maps Played are only awarded for maps with at least 45 minutes of PT.
  • Presentation of mod statistics added to the player page.


New month, new stats!

  • During the morning your stats for December were converted into veteran bonus.


BF Tracks Signature by RR4!

  • RR4 has created a tool and service where you can get your stats in a picture that can be used as a forum signature, on your hompage etc.
    Create signature...


Silent Heroes now tracked!


Hardware problems over!

  • K-Play / Krawall has kindly upgraded the tracking server for BFTracks - Europe. Thanks again!


New month, new stats!

  • During the morning your stats for November were converted into veteran bonus.


Hardware problems

  • We are experiencing some problems with our tracking server, intermitent tracking loss is expected :-( Check the tracking stats to see the stops. We will contact the HW vendor and hopefully the problems will be gone later this week.


Mail and Forums back online!

  • BF Tracks mail- and forum-server is now back online.


Connect to servers from BF Tracks!

  • If you install ASE you can now connect directly to a server from bftracks


New month, new stats!

  • During the morning your stats for October were converted into veteran bonus.


New minor attribute

  • We have added a new attribute to the stats. MPPR (Medal Points Per Round). It does not affect your RP, yet ;-)


Tracking changes

  • BF Tracks - Europe has now stopped tracking password protected servers.


Tracking disruption

  • During the night between Friday and Saturday we had problems getting server updates so unfortunatley all tracking was disrupted :-(.


New month, new stats!

  • During the morning your stats for September were converted into veteran bonus.


New server installed!

  • K-Play / Krawall has kindly given us a new fast webserver for BFTracks - Europe. Thank you guys, you're the best!


Server troubles :-(

  • Due to the troubles during the weekend the site is now running on temporary hardware until the replacement server arrives. The plan is to have the real server up and running again on Thursday morning.


  • A corrupt disk caused a major tracker and site down time from Friday Sep 12 21.00 and Saturday Sep 13 21.00 GMT. Sorry for any inconveniences that this may have caused. :-(


New month, new stats!

  • During the day your stats for August were converted into veteran bonus.


Tracking policy

  • We have made a small modification to our tracking policy. Read more...


Sister site launched


Site updates

  • Search servers and maps.
  • Online status in stats.
  • Tracking statistics.
  • New stylesheet.
  • etc. etc.



  • A corrupt disk caused some tracker and site down time between 10.00 - 12.00 GMT. Once again, sorry for any inconveniences that this may have caused. :-(


  • Database corruption caused tracking to be stopped again at 22.00-2300 GMT. Sorry for any inconveniences that this may have caused. :-(
  • Network problems, server tracking was down between 15.30 - 18.30 GMT.


  • New month, new stats! During the day your stats for July were converted into Veteran Bonus. As usual, you will still find your old stats under the July link on the Player page.


  • The server was upgraded this morning and during the upgrade some error-pages were unfortunately cached. :-( The broken cache-pages are purged and everything is now up and running again. :-)


  • Network problems caused a stop in server tracking during 00:30 - 08:30 GMT.


  • New month, new stats! During the day your stats for June were converted into Veteran Bonus. As usual, you will still find your old stats under the June link on the Player page.

2003-06-23 - [Mayhem] vs. BFTracks top20

  • Mayhem met the the top20 ranked players and the outcome was as expected. ;-) (455-268 to Mayhems favour) More...

2003-06-16 - Enhanced Live server view

  • Tickets left for each team.
  • Round time and Remaining round time (calculated).
  • IP and query port for server.
  • Empty servers are reported with last seen date.


  • Database problems again! :( This time no data was lost and the tracker was never stopped :). We are investigating what caused these problems. We are sorry for any inconveniences.


  • A major database crash caused some down time on the tracker between 10:00 and 19:00 CET 2003-06-08. We also had to close the site until we had fixed some database replication issues. We are very sorry about any inconveniences this may have caused.

2003-06-05 - 22:00

Misc site updates:

  • Much more detailed Player stats.
  • Live view now shows the time a player has been on a server and also the players Ranking Position as a tooltip.
  • Server and Map Rankings.
  • More colour (well, just those two actually ;-)

2003-06-02 - 16:00

  • As usual ranking positions will start to be recalculated again at 18:00 GMT.

2003-06-02 - 12:00

  • New month, new stats! During the day your stats for May were converted into Veteran Bonus. As usual, you will still find your old stats under the May link on the Player page.

2003-05-30 - 08:00

  • Planned maintenance on Monday June 02. Change of disk and stats to history etc. This means that we will move the stats a day later this time in order to be able to do all time consuming issues at the same time. The work may possibly take a whole day.

2003-05-30 - 06:00

  • A database crash forced us to stop the tracker between 01:00 - 06:00 GMT.


  • Tracker problems. Between 13.00 and 20.00 GMT we had some problems with our tracker. Only 75% of all European servers were tracked. The problems are solved now and we are again up at 99.99% tracking, as usual. ;-) Sorry for any inconveniences that this may have caused. :-(


  • New month, new stats! During the day your stats for April were converted into Veteran Bonus. As usual, you will still find your original stats under the April link on the Player page.
  • New ranking formula! When the previous ranking formula was designed, we could never imagine KDR's above 10 or even 20. You proved us wrong. The new ranking formula is too advanced to explain here (see our FAQ for more details). It focuses on FTPM, KDR, KPM, PT and Maps Played and all these values are weighted and capped. Highly specialised players (e.g. pilots) will have to try to broaden their skills a bit to hit the #1 spot.
  • New premises! Thanks to our hosting partners (K-Play) BF Tracks is now running on two fresh, eager and Linux-loaded machines. Together with the new bandwidth this will allow fancier site design (in the mean time, enjoy our in-game-inspired new stylesheet) and lots of other stuff. Stay tuned!


  • Database problems hopefully solved!

    Because of recent database troubles we have now moved to a parallel tracker database that we have had running at our hosting partners (K-Play) site.

    The parallel tracker has been running since last Wednesday. Tracking hasn't been 100% because almost all public Battlefield 1942 servers were flooded last Friday. Be prepared for some small differences, sometimes up to +/- 20 minutes of tracked play time.


  • Why hasn't my ranking position been updated?

    We are running the ranking calculations on a different server which has a replicated version of the DB. Unfortunately the replication stopped yesterday :-( We have just now restarted the replication again but it will probably take a couple of hours before the databases are in sync again.


  • The system is again up and running and no collected data was lost. :-)


  • Preliminary support for server rankings implemented. Click the server name on the Player or Live Server pages to view all stats for that specific server.
    Example: Mayhem - Squirrel Hunting Grounds


  • New month, new stats! During the day your stats for March were converted into Veteran Bonus. As usual, you will still find your original stats under the March link on the Player page. Ranking updates will be enabled again at 20:00 GMT


  • Due to high load on the database server our tracker was stopped between 22.00 - 23.00 GMT. Sorry for any inconveniences. :-(
  • We are currently discussing hosting with a possible hosting partner. These discussions will probably bear fruit at the beginning of next week! :-)


  • We are very happy to announce that UDP Soft, the makers of the All-Seeing Eye software, has empowered us with BF Tracks customized access to their master servers. The result of this is that the BF Tracks server list is updated once every hour (and also, if you see the server in ASE, filtering by European servers, it is tracked by BF Tracks).


  • Peace and order has been restored. All servers and databases are online again. Thanks for your patience!
  • We had some major database problems last night. Tracker was turned off from 21.15 to 23:35 GMT. We apologize for any inconveniences that this incident may have caused. :-(
  • Because of the DB problems yesterday we moved the main database to a weaker server. While the old server is coming up we've removed the ability to do "contains" searches to lessen the load. Until the old server is up you will have to search based on End, Begin and Is instead.

    The old server will probably be online again at 15.00 GMT.


  • Old stats have now been moved to a history page available on the statistics page for each player. A veteran bonus for previous experience is also given to players that have played at least 45 minutes on six different maps.
  • The criterias to gain a ranking position have changed. In addition to the minimum six hours a user must now also play at least 45 minutes on six different maps.
  • The tracker was shut down during the update for the history function at 2003-03-03 12:30-16:30 GMT. Next time we will be much better prepared to avoid such and unnecessary interruption.
  • Ranking Position updates will start again at 19.00.


  • Be prepared! Stats for February will tomorrow be moved to a separate page! Basically, we start with a clean slate for March but you will still be able to check all your previous stats from the February link on the player page. The ranking positions will initially be intact but based on less Play Time (PT). The effect of this is that positions will change quite rapidly as soon as people start playing. For more information, feedback and general flaming ;) - check the discussions in our Forums.
  • Due to database maintenance that we had to perform for tomorrow there were some brief stops with the stats-tracker at 2003-03-02 12:30-13:30 GMT.


  • Ranking formula update - a player must have played on at least six different maps in order to be able to get a top 10 000 ranking position.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and layout issues


  • Changing the ranking formula really opened the feedback flood gates! :) Thank you for all your feedback, some were angry, some were happy and some gave us lots of new ideas. We enjoyed them all! So much that the ranking formula has been updated again. PT is now part of what we rank and a player has to have more than six hours of play time in order to get a ranking position.
  • We now rate the 10 000 top players in Europe.
  • Play time must now be more than one hour for best maps and best servers in the player view.


  • You talked and we listened! A new ranking formula has been implemented (sorry [Mayhem]Mupp, former #1). This new formula focuses on three values (FTPM, KPM and KDR). Each value is weighted so that a player can get high rankings defending flags, fragging away in a plane or doing a little of both.
  • Now you can click a server name in the list below to see the score and players for that server - live!
  • Looking for your online buddies? Try the new search on this page. It searches for players currently playing!
  • Fixed some bugs related to the display of player names


Developed by: Christian Lizell & Lars-Erik Stenholm - E-mail: - Discord: @ discord - Python lore Yak shaving