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New master server!

  • Switched to an alternative master server due to GSP shutdown.
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No more monthly stats moves!

  • Since August 2010 we've stopped rolling over stats per month. The player stats page is cumulative stats as of 2010-08-01.


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Updated: 2008-04-14

Who is responsible for all this?

Copyright © 2003-2010:Christian Lizell (Lanze) & Lars-Erik Stenholm (drgr)
Development and architecture:[Mayhem] Lanze, [Mayhem] drgr
Site illustrations:Stefan Ljungberg
Site support:[Mayhem] alfaDude, [Mayhem] Nizzura, Stefan Sifert at KGN/K-play
Partners:Krawall Gaming Network - All Seeing Eye -
Innovation, insights and feedback:The squirrels (aka [Mayhem]) and all our kind users in the forums!
Hot and cold brewages:[Mayhem] Hanta

We all belong to a Swedish gaming community called [Mayhem] [M] and we are currently mainly playing Battlefield 1942 online. For more information, check our home page - but be prepared it's only in Swedish. You can also e-mail us at, chat with us online on IRC: #mayhem @ QuakeNet or post your feedback at

Why am I not listed?

There could be several reasons. However, the most common reasons are:

* You haven't yet played three hours on servers that we log or that you have managed to play on servers with less than 8 players. If you think that the servers you usually play on are missing, please send us the name and address and we'll investigate why the server is missing or why your scores aren't logged.

* Our tracker may have been down? Check the Tracking Statistics.

* The player updates haven't been made yet? (Read more >>).

* The three hours must have been played after we started tracking for real. The European tracker was started 2003-02-05 and the North American 2003-08-07. The main site was later updated to track all servers globally as of 2005-10-01.

* Also, we only track gametypes Conquest and TDM.

* We move the stats to historic pages every month and you only get veteran points (and time) for maps played more than 45 minutes last month. So if you were just listed at the end of a month and your stats are "lost" it's probably that you only gained time for the 45 minute (or more) maps. No stats are deleted though so if you play some more your player will again be searchable.

How do I protect my Nick from being napped?

This is not a problem anymore. BF Tracks collects stats together with unique identifier (cd-key hash) that's created from you cd-key. If someone plays with your nick the stats will be collected separately. Each cd-key can be also used by several nicks.

I have changed my Player Nick and I want my old stats merged. Is that possible?

BF Tracks currently takes too much time to maintain so to give us some time off from merging we have changed this policy. We now only merge player nicks for users or clans that donate to the maintenance fund. In return the merges are handled with highest priority (usually the same day as we receive the request).

The merge e-mail is to be sent to and must include the following info:

Subject: Merge request
Old Nick: Your_Nick_Name
New Nick: Your_N3w_Name(hidden characters)
(Don't forget to tell us your paypal e-mail address. :-)

That's it! :-)

I really like your service, do you take donations?

On popular demand. :-) Yes, we've now opened a PayPal account so if you want you can send donations to our site maintenance fund:


I really like your service, may I link to your site?

Naturally! :-) You can use this html-snippet if you want:

<a title="Battlefield 1942 in numbers!" href=""><img src="" border="0" width="88" height="31" /></a>

Why have you removed my stats!?

Don't panic :-) We save 99% of all collected stats. Your stats are most probably moved to the history pages.

The reasons for moving the previous months stats to historic pages are several but some of the reasons are these;

We believe that otherwise the ranking points and positions would become a bit too static and, in the long run, quite dull.

The history function purges inactive players from rankings (although letting them stay a month with Veteran bonus for honor ). This also keeps the database in a "fresh" shape.

Clearing the stats allows upcoming soldiers, that are improving, to gain positions without being held back too much by bad performance in the past.

Players that are interested in personal development still have all their previous stats available from each months link on the player stats page.

We define an active player as one that has played on six different maps for at least 45 minutes (on each map). Active players also gain a veteran bonus for the new month when the stats are moved to the history. The veteran bonus allows us to keep the ranking positions more or less intact for the active players in the beginning of a new month. The veteran bonus is average values based on the previous month, distributed on a maximum of six maps, resulting in a maximum of 4h 30m of play time. After some hours of playing the veteran bonus has less impact on the overall score. Players that only have veteran bonus at the end of a month will be purged (their historical stats are stored but their Player Nicks won't be searchable).

WTF is "KDR", "KPM", "FT-TK" ...?

  • Pos - Ranked Position (of the top 10.000 players)
  • R - Ranking Points
  • S - Score
  • K - Kills
  • D - Deaths
  • FT-TK - Flags Taken minus Team Kills
  • KDR - Kills / Deaths Ratio
  • PT - Play Time
  • KPM - Kills Per Minute
  • DPM - Deaths Per Minute
  • MPPR - Medal Points Per Round (Round average where Gold 3 p , Silver 2 p, Bronze 1 p)
  • FTPM - Flags Taken Per Minute
  • MP - Maps Played (You are awarded approximately 4p for each map played for more than 45 minutes)
  • Veteran - Veteran Bonus gained from previous month.

Why doesn't my player have a ranked position (Pos)

We only rank the top 50 000 players in Europe and North America. The Ranking position requires that you play at least six hours and at least 45 minutes on six different maps.

The ranking position calculations are done once every hour between 01:00-18:00 (GMT and EST).

Updates for new players, positions and Maps Played (MP) points

Positions, MP points and players that have just reached 3 hours are only updated/added once every hour between 01:00-18:00 (GMT and EST). The reason is that this combined process is very intensive and due to limited resources we can only do this at low and medium traffic intervals.

Sometimes the updates are even halted for longer periods but they are always definitely done at 05:00 (GMT and EST).

How is the Ranking Point (RP) calculated?

The formula focuses on six values (FTPM, KPM, KDR, PT, MP and MPPR). Each value is capped in order to avoid ridiculously large individual values. Each value is also weighted so that a player can get high rankings defending flags, fragging away in a plane or doing a little of both. A player has to have more than six hours of play time in order to get a ranking position.

Ranking Point Situation
Here is an example of a player with an R of 517 (this guy should really work on his KDR). If you hover your mouse over the bars you can see his RP for each value. You can also see what the max RP is for each value.
We weight the values in the following way, FTPM constitutes for 35% of the total RP, KDR 25%, KPM 20%, PT 10%, MP 5% and MPPR 5%. A theoretical max RP is 2 000.

How do I connect to a server and who is ASE?

To be able to Connect to a server directly from the Live server or Servers pages you must first install All Seeing Eye. ASE is a very useful tool so you'll probably not regret that you installed it since it supports several other games as well.

What servers do you track?

All public servers listed in ASE running Conquest or TDM.

Why isn't my server tracked?

UDP Soft has given us access to their ASE master server for data for the server lists. The server lists are updated twice every hour.

If you suspect that stats from your servers aren't collected, please send us the name, address and GameSpy-queryport (be sure to include all information) and we'll add it to our tracker.

Password protected servers are not tracked. Password protected servers are shown online to allow you to "spectate" matches but the stats aren't saved.

Also, we only track gametypes Conquest and TDM but this is checked round to round so servers aren't deleted if they happen to run CTF sometimes.

Do you track Battlefield modifications and custom maps?

Yes. We will always try to track all MODs (see list) and custom maps. Eventually we'll start separating the presentation of the stats per mod instead of, as now, all maps and mods together.

Currently we track the following mods:

  • Battlefield 1942
  • Road to Rome
  • Secret Weapons (demo is not tracked)
  • Desert Combat (+ Final) & DC Extended
  • Forgotten Hope
  • Eve Of Destruction
  • Silent Heroes
  • Battlefield 1918
  • Battlegroup 42
  • Action Battlefield
  • Black Hawk Down BETA

How is all this done?

Approximately once a minute all servers that we know of are scanned. The status for all the online players are recorded (currently the only information available from the server is Score, Kills and Deaths). All other information is approximated, i.e Medals, Best Round etc. There are lots of small annoying issues with the current protocol for querying Battlefield 1942 servers, especially when doing the queries in one minute intervals. So be warned, all the statistics we summarize here are to be seen as a best effort.

We use ASE:s master servers to find the servers and we use the GameSpy protocol to collect the statistics from the server.

It is also very hard to summarize statistics for team play, if you have suggestions for a new "team play" attribute that can be calculated with the limited information provided, please don't hesitate to contact us!

I seem to have lost exactly two hours, why is that?

All times in the system are reported as GMT (UTC). And we don't modify the time to compensate for Daylight Saving Time (aka Summer time).

Do you have an XML feed for stats?

Yes, at least for the player page. Find the image and follow the link. :-)

How I do get a dynamic BF Tracks forum signature with my Battlefield 1942 statistics?

At the moment we dont have any signature service but we'll add one eventually.

You could probably quite easily write one yourself using the XML info.

What happened to and


  • was closed down May 2004 and traffic was redirected to BF Tracks - North America.
  • The popular forums have moved and are now hosted by Clan HPSF at
  • will return in some form in about six months.

[BF Tracks note: was the most popular tracking site and started just a few moths after bf1942 was released. Most known for its popular forums, high detail, medals etc.. We'd like to quote Morwynd of Gamtrack: "So I offer a salute and respectful farewell to BFStats, truly a landmark site in the game tracking scene."]

Regarding "The project has been discontinued, however the developer of has developed a new entertainment site for you. It is available here (Swedish only)." -- eZak

[BF Tracks note: was the first public Battlefield 1942 tracking service on the net.]

Future plans/ideas

  • Clan/Team rankings.
  • Interface/API for clans to leech stats to their own sites.
  • Possibility for a player to temporarily disable tracking.
  • Online RP calculator where users can simulate different values to see how those effect their RP.
  • Last seen server for a player
  • Integration with external game launcher.
  • More information about the players best round.
  • Buddy list
  • Ticket ratio modifier for the top online players (on the home page).
  • Other things that you want us to add!

Technical Platform

LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl.

Developed by: Christian Lizell & Lars-Erik Stenholm - E-mail: - Discord: @ discord - Python lore Yak shaving